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The Liverpolitan's home is Liverpool, funnily enough. He writes about it a lot. But call him the Breeze - he keeps rolling down the road.

He likes sunsets on Mount Pleasant, the distant shriek of bus brakes from town, the squeals of wheeling seagulls and the grind of ferry ropes wrenched around capstans like mighty serpents.

Once, in the middle of Park Road, a dog with the death wish moseyed right in front of the bus he was on. The driver slammed his brakes and beeped his horn and the dog froze...
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Under the high cirrus Sergio Fazio suddenly breaks the spell. In a world of my own in the stillness of a midsummer Sunday morning on Anfield Road I'm taking pictures of the Shankly Gates and what looks like some sort of inscription left behind on them by Ken Hall 31 years ago. Ken was the West Country blacksmith who designed and built the gates commemorating the man who designed and built a sporting institution. I tracked him down with the help of Diana Ingram, a librarian at Frome Museum in Somerset. Sergio, blithely oblivious, is just trying to get his bearings in this place of history and hokum where they stood and swayed on one great terrace in their thousands 'to cheer and to chant, to shout and to sing. And to split open the sky. The clear and starlit Anfield sky' - as author David Peace characterises Spion Kop folklore in Red or Dead. The novel is published ahead of the 100th anniversary of Bill Shankly's birthday on 2 September 2013 Learn more


Old Dock: a different view
A painting. A mystery. A ping in the inbox
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Old Dock: it's about time
Happy 300th birthday to where it really all began
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Spain: art and soul
At the football, on the seafood, dodging conkers
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Somerset iron and the cinnamon river
The man who made the Shankly Gates, and other people
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All Play and No Work
Meaningfully employed - you're having a laugh
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Peel on wheels
Mind that cyclist - the Liverpool Waters juggernaut is picking up speed
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Walk on Water
Featuring winter sunsets and local wildlife
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