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The Liverpolitan's home is Liverpool, funnily enough. He writes about it a lot. But call him the Breeze - he keeps rolling down the road.

He likes sunsets on Mount Pleasant, the distant shriek of bus brakes from town, the squeals of wheeling seagulls and the grind of ferry ropes wrenched around capstans like mighty serpents.

Once, in the middle of Park Road, a dog with the death wish moseyed right in front of the bus he was on. The driver slammed his brakes and beeped his horn and the dog froze and cowered in sudden terror, like something from a cartoon, then slunk off. At the next stop 20 yards up the street, the doors snapped open and an owl-girl creaked aboard, flashed her pass and felt obliged to offer an explanation. "He never goes out on his own," she shrugged at the driver in broadest Dingle-ese. "He's usually walked."

The Liverpolitan likes his football and his birds and his books and buildings and beaches and pale lilac mountains at dusk. His working background is publishing, but he can't be doing with the media. He knows that life is largely unscripted and sometimes he thinks we've lost something that we can never get back.

He presumes that he knows what Wordsworth meant about lightening 'the heavy and the weary weight of all this unintelligible world'. But really, most of the time, he'd forget his arse if it wasn't riveted on. He likes this line from Paul Dirac: 'In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry it's the exact opposite'.

He thinks Harper Lee called it best when she wrote: 'The night crawlers had retired, but ripe chinaberries drummed on the roof when the wind stirred, and the darkness was desolate with the barking of distant dogs'.

Dogs again. Critters get everywhere.

'The Liverpolitan likes his football and his birds and his books and buildings and beaches'


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